A text-based descent into melee, magic and mayhem.

Connect using any client to sh.ackmud.net:7000

StormHunters MUD

Enter the realm of StormHunters, a world repeatedly torn apart and reborn through a seemingly endless chain of Immortal beings. It is now the time of Abel and Koron, who continue to bestow new and fantastic powers upon the inhabitants of the realm.

Regardless of whether you are a newcomer or a veteran, we offer an immense amount of flexibility and customization for any playstyle.


  • 21 races, unique backstories and abilities
  • 28 combat classes, spread into four tiers
  • 10 professions, distinct craftables and bonuses
  • 4 tradegood gathering methods
  • Explore and map over 100 areas for rewards
  • Create clans, each with a private hall and equipment
  • Slaughter others to climb the PvP rankings
  • Customize enchantments to specialize your gear
  • Complete generated quests for huge payoffs
  • Become strong enough to battle the Great Hydra!